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To install smart curtains you must make these preparations?

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Reserved socket. Before the renovation starts, the position of the sofa, electrical appliances and cabinets in the home should be planned, similarly, to install smart curtains, you must consider in advance whether the motor is installed on the left or right side, and reserve three or six holes in the position behind the corresponding curtains.

Reserve track, curtain box. A set of intelligent curtains intelligent control of a group of curtains, if the gauze curtain also realize intelligent opening and closing, it is necessary to add a group of motors and guide rails accordingly. The budget is limited, and the combination of ordinary gauze curtain guide rail and intelligent blackout curtain is also a more commonly used method. Reserve the width of the curtain box, and remember to talk to the carpenter before installing the ceiling.

Guide length measurement. The measurement of curved, L-shaped, trapezoidal and other special-shaped Windows is more troublesome, and ordinary Windows can be considered as long as the wall is full or not (it is recommended to do full wall, the overall feeling is better).

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