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Why do cordless curtains offer a distinct advantage to the home?

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Look neat. With no strings to hang or tie, homeowners can enjoy a sleeker, cleaner look. It becomes much easier to focus attention on the artistry and charm of each vertical fabric, woven wood lampshade, or faux wood covering.

Secure. Kids and pets are curious - especially when it comes to lanyards and ropes! Curtains with no exposed lines prevent children and cats from getting sucked into the blinds or pulling them down. These security features make wireless Internet perfect for new parents, families with young or untrained animals, and landlords renting out space. Safer shades give you peace of mind, prevent serious injury, extend product life and reduce the risk of claims, lawsuits and complaints.

Expediency. Gone are the days of trying to solve the same problem over and over again with a stuck, tangled or frayed blind rope. By pulling with one hand or flicking your wrist, you can open and close the cordless blinds by pulling them up, pushing them down, or tilting them.

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